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FOLDED - Teemu Määttänen

Jyväskylä University Museum brings light art to Tietoniekka exhibition space.

In Teemu Määttänen´s Folded installation, the paper sculpture acquires moving light patterns that sometimes obscure, sometimes reinforce the shapes

City of Light 2022

Popular yearly City of Light event is taking over Jyväskylä once again!

This year, the City of Light event will take place on 29.9.-8.10.2022.

Changemaker Jyväskylä meeting

Hey you Changemaker in Jyväskylä region — would you like to influence for a more fair world?

Changemakers in Jyväskylä are meeting on 30.8. at 17:30-19.

Rent sauna raft Eden!

​Welcome to relax and enjoy sauna, swimming and sun!

The sauna raft Eden is 13 meters lond and 5.7 meters wide.

Yleisöluento suurteholaskennasta

Osana Jyväskylän kansainvälisen kesäkoulun ohjelmaa Hewlett-Packardin työntekijät kertovat suurteholaskennasta kaikille avoimella yleisöluennolla.

Luento on englanninkielinen. 

Luennon kuvaus: 

The Past, Present, and Future of Supercomputing

Sauna rally saunas at Haikusauna

Tune into the atmosphere of the rallies by enjoying the gentle heat of a smoke sauna on the shore of Lake Kalajärvi!

Thu 4.8 Mixed sauna at 17-22 (men/women, swimsuit recommended)

Fri 5.8 Mixed sauna at 17-22 (men/women, swimsuit recommended)

Rent sauna raft M/s Löyly! offers you, your friends and your customers a unique sauna experience in the heart of Jyväskylä in Jyväsjärvi and Päijänne.

In addition to the sauna, changing room and toilet, there is a warm sitting area on the sauna raft if needed, for example for holding a meeting, an

Savutuvan Apaja sauna rallies

Pre-book saunas for your use during the Sauna Rally from 2 August 2022 to 7 August 2022.

Torppa saunas with outdoor jacuzzi from 700 e | 2h

Savotta-sauna from 320 e | 2h

Smoke- ja Savottasauna together from 700 e| 2-3h

Welcome to the sauna at Kankaan sauna!

Welcome to the sauna at Kankaan sauna during the sauna rally from August 2 to August 7, 2022. Mixed sauna shifts from 18:00 to 22:00.

In our sauna, you can enjoy relaxing in the over 100-year-old gate building of a former paper factory.

Sauna Experience at Koskisauna

Koskisauna, located on the shore of Saakoski, awaits sauna groups to spend the evening in the sauna and listen to the sounds of the rapids.

Koskisauna is a small and idyllic sauna building over 100 years old, located right on the banks of the flowing Saajoki.

Make a Finnish birch whisk for sauna

Make a Finnish birch whisk for sauna at smoke sauna of Ylä-Rajala!

Every participant will make two whiskes for themselves.

The traditional smoke sauna at Köyhyydenkylä will be open 1.7. at 5pm.