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Fourteen new firms set up a business location in Jyväskylä via the Business Jyväskylä relocation services in 2021. Siili Solutions was one of them.
Siili Solution henkilökuntaa toimistolla. Image Siili Solutions

The Jyväskylä pull has remained strong in 2021, with even more companies having established themselves there from outside the Central Finland region than in previous years. A total of 14 new companies made use of the Business Jyväskylä relocation services to set up a business there in 2021.

Overall investments by companies established in Jyväskylä including business launches and real investments in new offices were in excess of €4M. These companies rented a total of 1,705m2 of office space in the region. The direct and indirect employment effects in Jyväskylä and in neighbouring municipalities in the course of activities amounted to 53 and 82 man-years respectively.

In terms of tax revenue, the notional impact of companies coming to Jyväskylä and in its surrounding municipalities was €592,492 in a year. The income stream effect in retail trade and services was estimated at €887,436 in a year*. 

Siili Solutions came to Jyväskylä to grow its business operations

Siili Solutions was one of the companies that established themselves in Jyväskylä in 2021.

- Conception, development, and maintenance of digital services. This is how Siili’s Business Unit Director Markku Savusalo sums up the company’s business idea. Siili Solutions provides an entire digital service life cycle from idea to maintenance. The solutions are mainly tailored and implemented in a technology-neutral way.

- We got off to a good start in Jyväskylä. We found facilities that met our needs in Kielo’s Innova 4 premises in Lutakko, and our local unit manager Samuli Sivula took over in early November. Apart from Helsinki, the company has Finnish facilities in Turku, Oulu, Tampere, Joensuu, Seinäjoki, and Jyväskylä.

Jyväskylä was selected as the new Siili Solutions location on the basis of thorough analyses.

- We reviewed in detail the number of graduates in our field in different cities and found out that there are vast numbers of ID experts who graduate from three educational establishments in Jyväskylä. Experts are the most important selection criterium for a growth enterprise such as ours. At Siili, we also offer career changers, people interested in the field, and fresh graduates programmes in which a more experienced expert acts as a mentor and programme leader. Participants get an intensive two-month job orientation in addition to two months of project work. Participants who have gone through the programme are employed on a permanent basis by Siili. We have implemented the programmes for six years now, and 100 people have already found employment this way, Savusalo clarifies.

Practical help for companies about to establish themselves

Sijoittumispalveluiden johtaja Harri Heinänen. Image Business Jyväskylä

- Few people know that the Business Jyväskylä relocation services team leaves no stones unturned to help companies to set up shop. We look actively for companies interested in establishing themselves here and also produce services in support of the process. Typically, we map out facilities and lots according to customer needs. We also help them to recruiting key personnel in cooperation with public and private actors. The managements of the companies established in Jyväskylä have been thanking us especially for our practical and concrete approach, the Soft Landing Services Director Harri Heinänen says.  

Jyväskylä stands out from many other cities thanks to its relocation services.

The Business Unit Director of Siili Solutions agrees.

- We got a good info package on Jyväskylä with data about the companies and educational establishments that already operate in the region and about the numbers of students among other things. We engaged in practical discussions about facilities and other matters related to relocation. We are also pleased with getting quick answers to all of our questions because our process proceeded smoothly. There were a total of seven localities under evaluation at the same time, Savusalo tells.

* Tax revenues refer to data of established businesses' start-up year and includes corporation tax, property tax and municipal tax of the employees. The revenue stream includes estimated purchases. Calculations are based on data provided by FCG's calculation tool. 

More information

Harri Heinänen, Soft Landing Services, City of Jyväskylä, Business Jyväskylä
tel. +358 40 064 3298, harri.heinanen(at)

Markku Savusalo, Business Unit Director, Siili Solutions Oyj
tel. +358 40 154 7970, markku.savusalo(at)