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Iloiset haalariasuiset opiskelijat poseeraavat rivissä. Image Tero Takalo-Eskola
Which experiences are irreplaceable from the years in Jyväskylä as a student? What are the experiences you are going to remember in the rocking chair on a pension? We asked senior students to gather a ”bucket list” for a student in Jyväskylä.

1. Highlights of student life

The following moments will be replayed in memories with warm heart. According to senior students the events and parties listed below are in the core of Jyväskylä student life experience.

    •    Student/subject associations anniversary celebrations and “sitsit” 
    •    After party with friends in Kortepohja student village 
    •    Vappu on Harju and following the varnishing of the Minna Canth statue in Kirkkopuisto   
    •    Kauppakadun Appro 
    •    Interdisciplinary overall parties, eg. Poikkarit or 3Miot 
    •    Having a lunch in every campus restaurant to find out the best one 
    •    Participating the student association activities 
    •    Attending a class in overalls 
    •    uMove sport classes 
    •    Opinkivi sauna and general sauna shifts in student apartments 
    •    Being global locally, Jyväskylä is full of international and Finnish students

2. The most Jyväskylä things  

Harjun torni ja Vesilinna iltavalaistuksessa marraskuussa. Image Outi Kaakkuri

”Yuyuaskyulya” or ”jyvääskylä” essence concentrated:

  1. Listening the evening hymn during summer time
  2. Jyväskylä hills by bike
  3. Meeting at the Kompassi + coming across with friends in every 100 meters on Kauppakatu

3. The top events in Jyväskylä 

Events that fit in the student mindset. There is a lot of fuzz and things going on in Jyväskylä culture scene. 

Yläkaupungin Yö
Jyväskylän Kesä 
Jyväskylä WC Secto Rally Finland  
City of Light
Researchers’ Night

4. Every day gems

Outside the classes, group works, exam weeks and student parties there are a lot of other activities available too. They are also crucial part of being a student in Jyväskylä.

• Lake Päijänne Cruise
• Experiencing the nature trail in Tourujoki
• Finding the sport activities of your preferences in the capital of sport
• Tuomiojärvi beach and beach volley courts
Jyväsjärvi recreational route “Rantaraitti”
• Exploring the restaurant ships in the Satama
The Harju ridge and Vesilinna observation tower
Alvar Aalto architecture and museum
Matti Nykänen skijumptower and café
Kanavuori nature trail and other trails

Check out the locals go to tips from Visit Jyväskylä Region website.

However, the (student)life is not a bucket list hence the list above is more like a guidebook than a list of mandatories. But we encourage to get familiar with some of the listed events, activities or spots from the beginning of your studies. That helps you to get into the student life in Jyväskylä and you may find a bunch of remarkable opportunities meanwhile. Joyful time in Jyväskylä!